Support Scottish business

The pandemic has been a horrible situation in so many different ways, including for business and the economy.

As we start to ease out lockdown and the Government manages that process, more and more businesses are looking to get back up and running. One way that the Scottish Government could help small businesses is to look at their procurement systems and see if immediate changes could be made to support more local businesses.

Many Government contracts have been awarded to large multi-nationals, with smaller indigenous Scottish businesses excluded. Now would be a good time to look for ways to award more work to local business to support them which would in turn lead to more job creation and improvements to the local and national economies.

Coronavirus Comms

As the Coronavirus spreads across the world and is gaining pace in the UK, the UK Government has mobilised a comms offensive to prepare for things to come.

The message they have adopted is to ‘Wash your hands more often and for 20 seconds”. Whilst this may sound like a very basic message, it is clear that the comms team are aiming to tackle a complex issue with simple messaging.

There has of course been daily updates, COBRA meetings and many other media briefings and activity, but the simple message to an anxious public is designed to be easily understood and acted upon.

In the face of many serious faces on the news, and an arguably overactive media, this simple approach to comms, aimed beyond the press to individual homes, is the right way forward.