It is important to be prepared when dealing with the media, to know what to expect, and to have the confidence, understanding and skills to be able to react in the right way.  We can help you to be at your best in all dealings you may have with the media, including in a crisis situation.

Our media training goes much deeper than crisis management.  We ensure that all participants understand the changing landscape of the media world.  This isn’t just about a good interview, it is also about having the right understanding of how news works and how your comment or actions will impact on the outcome of any situation, and where your contribution fits in to a larger series of events.  But above all else, we help you take control of events.  Because knowing how to plan and map a media event or crisis and how to follow an established procedure will help you set the agenda and ensure your voice is heard.

We will take participants through a series of lectures discussions and practical lessons.  We appreciate that not everyone is comfortable sitting in front of a camera, so we’ll help to break down some of these barriers.  We strive to take away the embarrassment and the nerves.  Media training is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and enjoyable.