The words.

It’s all about using the right words at the right time.

Writing ‘copy’, or the right form of words that gets a message across isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes people will struggle to find the right words, and at other times, they may have so much they want to say that the key messages get lost in an overly lengthy piece. We can help you get the words right.

This is about making sure your key messages are the stars of the show, and all the other text supports them. It’s about making your copy compelling, interesting and engaging. We can support you to ensure your copy is written for the right audience and the right platform. By this we mean that copy written for a printed newsletter will be different from one written for an internet post.

We’ll help you to get your copy right.

The look.

We can help you with your look and brand. You might want an eye catching logo, or a poster that will stand out. Maybe you want a slogan for a t-shirt, or a leaflet designed from start to finish. We can help.

From the right colour palette, to layouts designed for a carefully selected audience, we can advise and support you through the journey to making your message stand out.