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Social should be, erm… social

Social media is everywhere. The overwhelming majority of people, or their businesses have multiple social media accounts.

For any business on social media, it’s important to keep interactions going. You should be social on social. That doesn’t mean you can’t post formal statements, or simple links in a short to-the-point message. It means that you need to reply in a social context, and be human with any further interactions. No-one wants to be treated as a number or a future pay cheque.

Always interact in a warm social way.

Smart Justice

Many readers may have watched with interest as Good Morning Britain weatherman Alex Beresford made an off-camera interjection to a discussion as the invited guest was speaking.

The guest was the chair of the Police Federation for England & Wales.

Beresford’s interruption into a live debate was probably a nightmare scenario for any guest who accepts a slot on live television. Particularly when the person who interjects handles himself as Alex Beresford did.

He provided a passionate, but measured interjection. He related his argument to his own upbringing and social heritage.

From our own work in the justice sector in Scotland, he was absolutely right too. We don’t need tough talking justice that fails to deliver results, we need smart justice solutions, backed by evidence based research, that tackles the issues that lead to crime in the first place.

Back to school

I spent part of today back in the classroom. I had the pleasure of accompanying a client who was delivering an environmental lesson to school pupils as part of a local initiative they developed – the Circular Economy Challenge.

The client, Veolia, is the world’s largest resource recovery firm, but their localised approach, and their willingness to take an environmental message out into communities, beyond their customer base, is commendable.

More businesses should follow the Veolia lead and engage with communities. I know the pupils loved learning about waste recovery, and seeing what would usually be discarded, being turned into a new product.

We have worked with Veolia for many years on projects just like this. Hopefully one or two of the pupils will turn out to be environmental champions of the future.

Iain McMenemy

Strategic what?

Sometimes we need to be reminded that people outside of our own little life bubbles might not understand what we do, what we say, and the jargon that we often take for granted.

One of the things we do a lot of is provide strategic advice. I mentioned this recently to someone and they immediately fired back and asked “What’s that?” This was a good reminder that not everyone will know and we shouldn’t take it for granted that everyone will.

I explained it as follows, the ‘strategic’ part is simply referring to a strategy – and strategy simply means a thought out plan. So you take what you want to achieve as your starting point, think of this in the context of your audience and start tying this together with your messages.

Of course, you need to throw in risk management, opposition analysis, and ability to deliver. From here, it’s simply down to planning the steps of getting from your current starting point to the end destination.

As the old saying goes, unless you know your end destination and plan how to get there, how will you know when you arrive?

Iain McMenemy


I was delighted to return to Charles River Laboratories this December to speak with staff there, this time on Collaboration.

We all collaborate on a great many things, numerous times throughout the day. But like everything else, when it is structured and organised with a purpose and deliverable outcome, then it will bear most fruit.

Iain McMenemy