Mistakes… we all make them. However, they don’t have to be the stressful nightmares that we sometimes let them become.

Whilst the moment immediately after a mistake is discovered can be the most difficult time to think with a calm head, often this is the most important time to pause and think rationally.

I’m reminded of the time (a few years ago now) when there was some mail merge training going on in our office for a new member of the team. As the person was talking the new member through it, they set up a Word document and inserted some sample text. In this case the words “blah, blah blah”. They then attached a sample file containing the recipients and it was good to go. However, jumping ahead one step, the trainee hit the send button. And off went an attachment to a significant number of MSPs with the words blah, blah blah in an attached letter.

Cue the panic.

However, with a calm head and adopting the principle that honesty is the best policy, we simply contacted all the recipients with a full explanation of the training session gone wrong. In the end, we received some light hearted responses back from all but one MSP (who we won’t name) that took our mistake as something more than it was. The rest were perfectly understanding, because as the headline says… we all make mistakes.